Our Mission

We are committed to building a community and creating products to help you get your SWEAT on, encouraging a healthy, proactive and positive lifestyle.

More so than just apparel, we provide an outlet for those on a journey to better themselves inside and outside the gym. Living a healthy lifestyle is a choice and we pride ourselves in being able to offer more than just killer workout gear. Wearing our products with the iconic flexed S means that you are part of a movement to better your life through fitness and a healthy lifestyle.


Each product is carefully designed by athletes for athletes to inspire the athlete from within. Our signature blend of high-performance fabrics and on-trend, aesthetic cuts is engineered to give athletes at all levels that final push they need to achieve their personal bests. With a focus on combining premium materials with style, our gear improves performance while ensuring ultimate comfort.

Our trendy, high quality and affordable apparel is the first step in feeling properly equipped to tackle your goals, whatever they may be.


Fitness. Apparel. Lifestyle.


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