Weight Loss Clothing Exchange Program

Weight Loss Clothing Exchange Program


We are thrilled to announce our Clothing Exchange program that will allow us to motivate individuals to actively lose weight while being rewarded for their hard work. The premise is simple: customers exchange their previously purchased Sweat Industry clothing for a smaller size at no additional cost. No catch, no fine print, we simply want to encourage individuals to lose stubborn weight that has been plaguing them for years.


We get it, one of the bigger downsides of losing weight is purchasing a new wardrobe. Fear not, because at Sweat Industry, we’ve got you covered. As long as you purchase the items at full price, we will exchange the same items for the new size (while quantities last, or for a comparable style) when you lose the weight.

Reach your weight loss goals while saving money on clothing!



Reach your weight loss goals while saving money on clothing! 

How it works

When the purchase is made and the journey begins, it is required that you:

      • Take a “Before” picture wearing the items while holding an up-to-date newspaper or magazine.
        • Once the weight has been shed, an “After” picture of you wearing the same Sweat Industry outfit must be taken in order to validate the weight loss, holding an up-to-date newspaper or magazine once again.
          • When your old items no longer fit, send an email to hello@sweatindustryapparel.com with the pictures and we will exchange the items free of cost.
          • If the items purchased were on sale at the time, the difference will need to be paid to obtain the new size. 
          • You can swing by the store, or we can have them mailed out to you, delivery not included.

      Throughout your journey, don’t forget to use the hashtag #sweatiatransformation in order to encourage and empower others.

      If you have any other questions or comments, please feel free to send us an email at hello@sweatindustryapparel.com or send us a Direct Message on Instagram.

      Now it’s time to break a SWEAT and enjoy your workout!


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