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Benefits of Sweat Industry Apparel

Sweat Industry Apparel


Our 4 way stretch fabric increases your range of motion while running, squatting or lifting.

Sweat Industry Apparel

Designed by Athletes

Tap into your inner athlete and allow us to provide you with the required technology and comfort to succeed.

Sweat Industry Apparel


All of our fabrics are moisture wicking which allows you to remain cool and dry, no matter what.


Based in Montreal, Canada, customers all over the world are experiencing what it means to truly sweat in style!

Our passion lies in more than creating premium athletic wear. We are building a community for those who are on that difficult and important journey of self-improvement, both inside and outside the gym. Our apparel enables individuals to turn this dream into a reality - Helping athletes look and feel great is just a bonus!

Designed by athletes for athletes, SWEATIA’s mission is to redefine the idea of health and fitness by inspiring individuals to tap into their inner athlete. Regardless of your age, or what the BMI index seems to say about you, we want you to feel like an athlete that is capable of conquering every objecting  that you set for yourself. Don’t let anyone hold you back, and let us put you in the right mindset to succeed. 


Sweat Industry Apparel

Support local business

If you're updating your wardrobe with gym wear and  accessories that are unique and of high quality, why not support local businesses. The majority of our products are made in Canada.

Sweat Industry Apparel

For All body types

We believe all bodies are beautiful. Our sizes are catered to fit many body types. We encourage individuals to pursue their fitness goals through our weight loss exchange program.

Sweat Industry Apparel

Look good inside and out

You have chosen a healthy, active lifestyle that inspires everyone around you. We’ve created gear that fits that lifestyle. Our apparel is ideal for both inside and out of the gym. 

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